What Is Mixed Media Paper?

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In the realm of artistry, the choice of paper plays a pivotal role in bringing creative visions to life. Mixed media paper stands as a versatile canvas for artists, offering a blend of characteristics that cater to a wide range of artistic techniques and mediums. Let’s delve into the intricacies of mixed media paper, exploring its composition, uses, and the artistic possibilities it unlocks.

What Is Mixed Media Paper?

  • Versatile Composition: Mixed media paper is specifically designed to accommodate various art mediums, including wet and dry techniques. It’s engineered to withstand the application of different materials without compromising its integrity.
  • Surface Texture: These papers often feature a moderate texture—neither too rough nor too smooth—providing an ideal surface for drawing, painting, collage, and other mixed media applications.

Properties And Characteristics

  • Weight and Thickness: Mixed media paper comes in different weights, measured in pounds (lb) or grams per square meter (gsm), offering options ranging from lightweight to heavyweight, catering to different preferences and artistic needs.
  • Absorbency: Its ability to handle both wet and dry media makes mixed media paper adept at absorbing watercolor, acrylics, inks, markers, pencils, and more without excessive warping or bleeding.

Diverse Applications

  • Painting: Artists utilize mixed media paper for painting techniques such as watercolor, acrylics, gouache, and even oil-based paints, allowing for layering and blending without compromising the paper’s structure.
  • Drawing and Sketching: Its moderate tooth and weight make it suitable for graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, and ink drawings, enabling artists to experiment with various techniques.

Collage And Mixed Media Artistry

  • Adaptability: Mixed media paper’s ability to withstand the application of adhesives and collage materials—such as paper, fabric, found objects, and textures—makes it an ideal substrate for mixed media artworks.
  • Layering and Texture: Artists can build layers, add texture, and experiment with different materials on mixed media paper, creating visually rich and dynamic compositions.

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Choosing The Right Paper

  • Consideration of Techniques: Selecting the appropriate weight, texture, and size of mixed media paper depends on the intended artistic techniques and mediums an artist plans to use.
  • Quality and Durability: Opting for acid-free and archival-quality paper ensures longevity and preservation of artworks over time, maintaining their vibrancy and structural integrity.


Mixed media paper stands as a blank canvas ready to embrace an artist’s imagination and experimentation. Its versatility, durability, and adaptability to diverse mediums empower artists to explore, create, and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

As a foundational element in artistic endeavors, mixed media paper continues to inspire artists, serving as a conduit for innovation, exploration, and the fusion of various artistic techniques in the ever-evolving world of visual arts.


What’s The Difference Between Watercolor Paper And Mixed Media Paper?

While there are many similarities between Mixed Media and Watercolor paper, the biggest difference is the surface. Mixed Media papers typically have a vellum/medium drawing surface with some tooth, while Watercolor papers traditionally have a more textured surface, making them ideal for different applications.

Can I Paint Acrylic On Mixed Media Paper?

The sizing on Mixed Media papers makes them great for using with acrylic paints. Weight wise, these papers range from the lightest at 250gsm (Winsor & Newton and Clairefontaine Paint’ON) to the heaviest 300gsm (Strathmore and Canson).

What Is The Best Paper For Mixed Media?

Find the best brand for your needs in our picks below.

  • Canson XL Series Mix Media Paper. This finely textured paper is ideal for artists who like to work big. …
  • Yupo Paper White Sheets. …
  • UCreate Mixed Media Art Paper. …
  • Stillman & Birn Nova Series. …
  • Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Vellum Surface.

Which Side Of Mixed Media Paper To Use?

Tip: Smooth or rough side? Some drawing papers have two sides, each with a different grain: – use the smooth side for work calling for fineness and precision, – save the textured side for graphic effects that need to hold material.

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