What Is Long Shot Starbucks?

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“Long Shot” at Starbucks refers to a specific customization for espresso-based beverages. The term “long shot” typically refers to the process of pulling an espresso shot with more water than usual, resulting in a larger volume of coffee with a slightly different flavor profile.

What Is Long Shot Starbucks?

Starbucks, known for its customizable menu, allows customers to modify their coffee orders to suit their preferences. A long shot is a request made by customers who prefer their espresso-based drinks to have a longer extraction time, resulting in a larger and slightly milder coffee flavor compared to a standard espresso shot.

The Long Shot Process

When a customer orders a long shot at Starbucks, the barista adjusts the espresso machine to pull a longer shot by allowing more water to pass through the coffee grounds. This process increases the extraction time, resulting in a slightly diluted and more extended shot of espresso.

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Flavor Profile

The longer extraction time affects the flavor profile of the espresso. A long shot might be slightly less intense or concentrated than a standard espresso shot. It can bring out different flavors and nuances in the coffee, offering a milder taste with potentially different aromatic qualities.

Customization And Variations

Customers often request a long shot when customizing their favorite espresso-based drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, or Americanos, to suit their taste preferences. Some may prefer a bolder, shorter shot, while others opt for the milder, longer version.


The “Long Shot” customization at Starbucks caters to customers seeking a different flavor experience from their espresso-based beverages. By allowing for adjustments in the extraction process, Starbucks offers a level of customization that allows coffee enthusiasts to tailor their drinks according to their specific taste preferences.

As Starbucks continues to prioritize customer preferences and customization, the availability of options like the long shot demonstrates their commitment to providing a diverse and personalized coffee experience for patrons looking to explore and enjoy their favorite beverages in unique ways.


What’s A Long Shot Vs Ristretto?

Flavor Profile – Long shots are more mellow, somewhat chilled and have a smoother finish. Ristretto is more acidic with hints of bitterness and is richer. Serving Size – A ristretto is served in a smaller portion size against the bigger portion of a long shot.

What Is Long Shot At Starbucks?

A “long shot” or lingo in Italian at Starbucks is basically a shot with more water pulled through the coffee grounds. The benefits of a long/lingo shot is that you get more caffeine, more coffee solids, and more of the aromatic oils from the same amount of coffee.

What Is A Ristretto Shot At Starbucks?

Ristretto is made with the same Starbucks® Espresso Roast used for full espresso shots, but less hot water is pushed through the grounds. The result is a smaller, more concentrated serving with a sweeter, richer flavor.

Is Ristretto Stronger Than Espresso?

Ristretto is a stronger, shorter form of espresso that’s extracted with less pressure and water. Both ristretto and espresso are delicious coffee brewing methods. However, if you’re looking for an intense flavor experience, go for ristretto.

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